A Publication of the Youth Sailing Foundation of Indian River County
Volume Nine / December, 2016

Publisher’s Note:

YSF sailors participate in the VBHS Homecoming Parade

It’s been “game on” at the Youth Sailing Foundation of Indian River County (YSF) as the 2016-2017 sailing season is in full swing under the direction of YSF’s new Director of Sailing, Mary Morgan.

The C-420 high school classes began on September 9 and the Optimist beginner and advanced classes began on September 10.  There are 28 high school and home school students participating in the C-420 classes, and 20 children are participating in the Optimist classes, a 36% increase from last year.

All these classes are provided free thanks to generous donations to YSF from the Indian River County community.

We are eager to share with you what’s been happening at YSF since our last Mainsheet.







Thomas Hardy

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