Ed Killer radio interview with Bob Soos about Charlie Pope

YSFIRC founders Charlie and Chris Pope

YSFIRC founders Charlie and Chris Pope

Charlie Pope is out there on the airwaves. News of his retirement has got people talking about all the great things he accomplished through YSFIRC. They’re also talking about how YSFIRC continues to make strides for our local youth.

Check out this radio interview (at the bottom of this post) on WTTB 1490 AM from Monday’s Local News Magazine with Bob Soos. Soos was chatting with TCPalm sports columnist Ed Killer.

Killer’s coverage of Charlie Pope and YSFIRC allowed him to witness firsthand the impact that Charlie has had in our local community. It’s great to hear Charlie being recognized by local media for his awesome contributions – thanks to Ed, TCPalm – Vero Beach Press Journal, and Bob, WTTB 1490 AM.

Listen to it here: