Steve Martin Memorial Regatta – March 12, 2016

Words from the Regatta Manager, Pat Harris:

Winds took a toll on our fleet numbers today, however the boats that did race had an exciting day. We had photographers on the course. Many sailboats capsized in both fleets. There were several gear failures in both fleets. Safety boats were busy but were able to handle everything. This is a credit to the new safety boat training program for drivers and swimmers. It was much better than the chaotic scene last year. Communication seemed better via 2 VHF channels plus the color flag/# by fleet.

OPTI-Racing cancelled. A make-up regatta will be scheduled at a later date. We have the T-shirts and trophies set aside.


420 – over 20 boats were pre-registered. 11 made the start.

1st place Cameron Kuchar, Ft Pierce

2nd place Evan Cabre, Melbourne

3rd place Brendan Williams, Vero Beach


SMMR-open-winners OPEN (Adult)-11 pre-registered. 8 went out. 2 did not start. 6 raced under Portsmouth Handicap System.

1st place Don Reeser, Vero Beach (also YSF coach) with Vyktorya Archer as Crew

2nd place Stephen Boyle, Vero Beach (also YSF coach)

3rd place Bill Hawley, Hobe Sound (also YSF instructor) with Dave Eberhart (current Adult Sailing student) as Crew