YSFIRC weathered the storm!

YSFIRC came through Hurricane Matthew unscathed. That is no small feat!

“YSF executed our hurricane plan and came through Matthew with no damage,” Executive Director Stu Keiller said. 

With the help of many hands, 64 sailboats were un-rigged and stowed inside the YSFIRC building or underneath the 17th Street bridge as Hurricane Matthew made its menacing approach. In addition, several large boats were transported to Johannsen Boat Works, where they were graciously provided safety during the storm.

“Thanks to the dedication of our volunteers all boats and facilities were secure by noon on Wednesday and we are back in commission for sailing this afternoon,” Keiller happily reported today.

One of the first things Keiller did when he came aboard YSFIRC was to make a thorough study of the hurricane plan and get it completely up-to-date with input from many key players. Good planning pays off!

Many thanks to all the volunteers who put it all into action and made it happen, especially during a time when they already had their hands full with hurricane prep at their own homes. YSFIRC volunteers rock!